Startup: Jumptuit


Founder: Donald Leka & David Schwartz

Pitch: Jumptuit’s mission is to connect all of your data sources and help you control them in one convenient location.

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To connect all of your data sources and help you control them in one convenient location.

Macro Thesis:

The macro thesis is best understood by describing a problem, solution and approach. The problem is that we live in a world with great technology. There are so many cool devices, apps and cloud services to choose from. Unfortunately, they don’t always work well together, and we continue to create and store more data in new places.

We need a solution to instantly access our pictures, music, videos and documents stored in many places without any hassles, and to be able to easily move our files from one place to another.

What’s the approach? We love choice and will continue to store our data in many different places. No single service will become the sole repository of our files. However, a service that connects our favorite devices, apps and cloud services would make our lives easier.

Market Sizing:

According to Gartner, global revenue from cloud storage services alone will exceed $3 billion in 2015 and 4 billion in 2016. People are using multiple cloud services in their daily lives and in the workplace. The average employee uses a remarkable 28 cloud services for file sharing, collaboration, content sharing and social media. Data fragmentation is everywhere and affects virtually everyone.

Product Or Service:

Jumptuit provides single sign-on and search across platforms and keeps your data in sync. Jumptuit automatically optimizes your files for instant high-quality streaming. You can even use Jumptuit to copy and move files between platforms. This means your data, wherever it is stored, is now at your fingertips.

Real And Vaporware:

We have launched a full-feature browser service available at and apps for iOS, Windows and Android for smart TVs. Our partners include Amazon and Microsoft.

Android Mobile and Mac OS X apps are currently in development and we are working on expanding support for documents.

Why Us:

We have developed a proven methodology and solution to manage data across platforms. Jumptuit is a recognized first mover in the emerging data aggregation and platform connecting space.

Andrew’s Commentary:

I imagine Google and Apple have long-held ambitions of being the single cloud-based repository for all of your data. But most people use different repositories for storage, depending on the medium being stored: photos are most likely to be on Facebook or Instagram, Microsoft Word documents might be in Dropbox or Google Drive and our videos are probably stored on YouTube or Vimeo.

As a user of both Dropbox and Google Drive, sometimes I can’t even remember between the two where I stored a PowerPoint presentation. Instead of consumer data storage moving toward consolidation, it seems more likely that this fragmentation will accelerate and remain the norm.

The upside of this pain point resulting from storage fragmentation is a business opportunity for the right startup with an intuitive UI and seamless integrations with different data repositories to become the go-to search bar for finding your data.

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