A lot of founders tell me they don’t have a co-founder because the tech environment is too competitive. Some of you wonder whether or not to give up searching and simply outsource all development.

“Your number one job as a CEO is to articulate and evangelize the vision of your business.”

Outsourcing for early stage businesses is usually a disaster. Hiring full-time key positions should not be something you think of as optional. Success comes from convincing others to believe in your mission: whether it’s as a co-founder, investor, or customer. If you’re finding it impossible to persuade potential co-founders to join your company, you either need to rethink what you’re offering to potential co-founders or reevaluate your pitch.

Watch this video to hear my view on what you need to do if you can’t find a co-founder.

If you’re reading this and you have a co-founder, tell me in the comments how you met and what convinced them to join your team.