Startup leaders and Roadmap attendees alike have weighed in on Andrew Weinreich’s extensive experience building companies and advising entrepreneurs. From guiding growing companies to sharing his best practices, Andrew offers matchless guidance developed from his 20 years of experience building startups in Silicon Alley.

Tech Pioneers

“Andrew Weinreich is one of the most hard working, inspiring, and thoughtful people I know. He not only helped ClassPass get up and running, but helped the company successfully navigate 2 pivots. His advice and instincts are always on point and his determination is contagious.

Payal Kadakia
Founder & CEO of ClassPass

“Andrew is awesome. When I started Drop.io, he was my first choice for an outside board member. He was a trusted and invaluable advisor throughout all the trials of building my startup. Beyond that, I consider him a good friend, a real mentor, and a true visionary.”

Sam Lessin
Director of Product at Facebook
Founder of Drop.io

Andrew Weinreich is the consummate entrepreneur. Not only did he invent (and patent) social networking, but he has repeatedly been at the forefront of developing new business models and new technologies.”

David S. Rose
Founder of New York Angels
Founder & CEO of Gust

“Andrew’s ideas are typically way ahead of everyone else…” he literally invented social networking, mobile dating, and mobile location services. He has a real knack for understanding what’s next in the world, and has the guts to go create it.”

Jack Welde
Founder & CEO of Smartling

“Andrew Weinreich is a constant source of common sense and big ideas. Above all, his advice is actionable. Although he’s eager to share his theories with you, he understands that ideas are useless unless they’re tested.”

Jeff Stewart
Founder & CEO at Lenddo
Founder & Chairman of Urgent Group

“Andrew Weinreich is the real deal. More than just an entrepreneur, he’s a futurist. He has a proven track record of creating the next big thing. I can’t imagine entrepreneurs finding a better person to spend two days with than Andrew.”

Steven Krein
Co-founder & CEO of StartUp Health
Co-founder, Chairman, & CEO of OrganizedWisdom

“Andrew Weinreich is truly an Internet visionary. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s always been two steps ahead of the crowd. More importantly, he’s world class at execution.”

Jason Finger
Co-founder & former CEO of Seamless

“Andrew Weinreich is an invaluable resource when it comes to all things startup-related. He has literally done it all. With laser-like precision, he’s able to pinpoint the very essence of a startup’s needs in order to make it successful.”

Jeremy Levy
Co-founder & CEO of Indicative

“Andrew Weinreich is one of those rare entrepreneurs who can literally see into the future in terms of where substantial value will be created. He also demonstrates the requisite passion and tenacity to make success happen.”

Matthew Cowan
Founder & CEO of Breeze
Co-founder of Bridgescale Partners

“Andrew is an incredibly thoughtful and insightful mentor who you want next to you in the foxhole as you build your company. He has seen and done it all, making him the best person you could ever hope to lean on for advice while making critical entrepreneurial decisions.”

Jonathan Ende
Founder of TEDx Wall Street

“Andrew Weinreich is an active member of the New York startup community, not only through his companies’ successes, but through his significant support of new companies. His insights originate from a been-there-done-that approach not often found in books.”

Yao-Hui Huang
Managing Partner at Pereg Ventures
Founder of The Hatchery

“Andrew is the most creative and inventive company founder I have ever met. He’s the Nikola Tesla of startups.”

Amol Sarva
Co-founder of Virgin Mobile USA
Co-founder of Peek

To know Andrew is to be consistently inspired by his creativity and passion. He has become an invaluable mentor for me, both in business and in life.”

Andrew Unger
Product Manager at Huge
Co-Founder of Lifebooker

Andrew Weinreich anticipated the rise of social, he predicted the primacy of mobile, and now he is re-imagining the entrepreneur’s roadmap to success. It will be exciting to see what other entrepreneurs are able to do with the head-start granted by Andrew’s vision and mentorship.”

Joshua Rochlin
CEO of Xtify

“I tap most of my advisors for their specific areas of expertise but I tap Andrew for everything: structuring a company, hiring, marketing, sales, fundraising, strategy, and exiting. He’s like 10 advisors rolled into one.”

Jamie Rosen
Founder & CEO of DietBet

“Andrew’s insights and advice for handling the daily challenges that entrepreneurs face are unparalleled. He also possesses one of the brightest minds within the technology space. He’s proven invaluable in providing me with guidance in all aspects of my business.”

Cliff Lerner
CEO of SNAP Interactive, Inc.

Roadmap Scholars

I have an amazing overall impression about the weekend event. I was impressed by the level of professionalism by the team organizing the event and by the caliber of the speakers. It was also wonderful to talk with the other entrepreneurs regarding their experiences and challenges.”

Eric Sevillia
Co-founder & CFO of Bignay

“From the caliber of attendees to the engaging speakers to the relevancy of material covered, it was just phenomenal! I studied computer science and business administration, and I feel like I learned more fundamentals at Andrew’s 2-day course than over my four years at USC.”

Meha Agrawal
Founder & CEO of Bridely

“Incredibly insightful, inspiring, yet practical. Other startup events are either good-to-haves or even wastes-of-time… the Roadmap boot camp is a MUST-have.”

Gesche Haas
Founder of Dreamers // Doers

“The program was amazing, well beyond what I was expecting. There was a lot of knowledge packed into 2 days, but it was all relevant and critical for early-stage founders. Learning from Andrew and other speakers who have hands-on experience founding multiple startups was invaluable.”

Ritvik Singh
CEO of PsyInnovations

“Unlike anything I’ve ever done, from Startup Weekend to Lean Startup intensive courses to b-school courses. The Roadmap course is so unique because it’s both PRACTICAL and INSPIRING.”

Lisa Dolan
CEO of Savile Row Society

“Exceeded all my expectations. Truly awesome. Great line-up of outstanding entrepreneurs and speakers, practical tips, networking opportunities – all were incredibly valuable. It gives me great hope for the future of New York and its startup ecosystem.”

Pinaki Dasgupta
Co-founder & CEO of Hindsait

“The weekend was fast-paced and full of useful information for a first-time entrepreneur. There wasn’t a minute of unused time.”

Alexandra Weheda
Co-founder of Spice & Spoon

“The most useful aspect was Andrew sharing his anecdotes. Something about a real story resonates a lot more than principles or how-to guides. The course helped me get out the weeds for few days and think more about the big picture and where we are headed.”

Joshua Holtzman
Co-founder & CEO of InterviewJet

“Everything about the program felt official. The course material prompted me to think about my business in a more holistic sense. I also thought the group of people that attended was fantastic. Everyone was happy to talk about what they’re building and share their ideas.”

Aaron Flack
Founder of Gravy

“The weekend was fantastic. I met so many amazing people – attendees, speakers, VCs, Andrew’s friends – and I’ve made connections that will make a tremendous difference in how we grow as startup founders. That alone has opened up doors for me and I think it helps many solo founders feel less alone.”

Irene Ryabaya
Co-founder of Monarq

“The event was a huge success! I couldn’t believe all of the content that was offered over such a short period of time. There aren’t many people out there who can hold my attention for two straight days, but Andrew pulled it off with apparent ease.”

Ryan Moore
Co-founder & CEO of The Swatch Box

“It was an amazing opportunity. The most useful part was the encouragement to become knowledgeable in all aspects of running a startup. I think it’s something founders all know but to have it reinforced this way was great.”

Chris Weiher
Founder & CEO of Watch Me Work

“Absolutely awesome. Most start-up events are very high level and not helpful for folks already building their start-ups. The Roadmap boot camp is more of an intensive Startup 202 for founders who are committed to growing their enterprise and need advice for obstacles we’re encountering along the way.”

Elizabeth Galbut
Managing Director & President of John Hopkins Innovation Factory

“It was amazing. Andrew is an expert in the startup world. His presentations are informative and inspiring. He’s really able to relate to early-stage companies that are evolving into the next big thing.”

Jacob Wood
Founder of Woodies Clothing

“Phenomenal. You won’t find another group of industry experts of this caliber who are willing to share their knowledge, experiences (success and failures), and advice for navigating the path to startup success.”

Autumn Adeigbo
Founder & CEO of MAKOKO

I believe there is an unquantifiable metric that has to do with number of brains firing in close proximity. Selecting those brains is one thing, getting them all in the same room is another, and finally igniting them to fire on all cylinders is something else. The feeling is extraordinary.

Winston Ford
Founder of stealth startup

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