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“Weinreich hopes to share what’s basically a startup toolkit designed to give entrepreneurs templates for every aspect of the development of a business.”

“After being granted the first-ever patent in the realm of social networking […] New York-based serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich is looking to pay his good fortune forward.”

“[Andrew] gives free advice to selected entrepreneurs, while keeping an eye on ventures that might be worth investing in.”

“What distinguishes [entrepreneurs] is the ability to execute fantastically. So I try to help people think about where the world will be tomorrow and how they [can] position their ideas against macro-changes that are afoot.”

“A few months ago, 60 entrepreneurs in the early stages of launching companies sat in a corporate conference room in midtown Manhattan […] Though a cocktail reception awaited them at an Upper East Side mansion, no one seemed in a hurry to leave. Instead, they asked question after question.”

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