Transform the Way You Work

An intensive startup boot camp led by a startup pioneer

Experience an event that will transcend your highest expectations. Over 2 days, Andrew leads founders on a journey from business planning to pivoting as part of the 8-part Roadmap Curriculum. Andrew provides his own best practices, crucial strategies, and company templates developed from over 20 years building companies in Silicon Alley.

Roadmap Course NYC
Roadmap Course NYC

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Tech Pioneers say:

“His advice and instincts are always on point and his determination is contagious.

Payal Kadakia
Founder & CEO of ClassPass

“When I started, he was my first choice for an outside board member.

Sam Lessin
Director of Product at Facebook
Founder of

“Not only did he invent (and patent) social networking, but he has repeatedly been at the forefront of developing new business models and new technologies.”

David S. Rose
Founder of New York Angels
Founder & CEO of Gust

“He has a real knack for understanding what’s next in the world, and has the guts to go create it.

Jack Welde
Founder & CEO of Smartling

Our Attendees Say:

“I have an amazing overall impression about the weekend event.”

Eric Sevillia
Co-founder & CFO of Bignay

“I’ve made connections that will make a tremendous difference in how we grow as startup founders.”

Irene Ryabaya
Co-founder of Monarq

“Other startup events are either good-to-haves or even wastes-of-time… the Roadmap boot camp is a MUST-have.”

Gesche Haas
Founder of Dreamers // Doers

“Learning from Andrew and other speakers who have hands-on experience founding multiple startups was invaluable.

Ritvik Singh
CEO of PsyInnovations

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