Roadmap Course FAQ

Why take a startup course?

There is no single formula for winning as a startup founder, but there are best practices and proven methods that any entrepreneur can use to give their company a better shot. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll be the next Facebook, we provide a comprehensive startup roadmap and templates as well as networking opportunities with industry leaders to help you learn how to build a startup positioned for success.

How is this course different from other startup events?

Most startup events are solely focused on pitching, networking, or education. The Roadmap course is a weekend-long educational deep dive led by a startup veteran. Attendees have ample opportunities to network with everyone from successful serial entrepreneurs to emerging founders. No other startup event is as comprehensive or effective at preparing founders for the journey ahead. And unlike accelerators, we don’t ask for equity in your company in order for you to participate.

Who is this course for?

Whether you’re mulling over a business idea or trying to secure your next round of financing, you’ll benefit from the Roadmap course if your goal is to build a scalable startup.

What does “early-stage” mean?

You’re building an early-stage startup if you haven’t fully validated your product, sales strategy, marketing strategy, or financing strategy and you’re not yet ready or able to hire a full team of experienced managers. You’re an early-stage founder if you would like to develop a working knowledge of every entrepreneurial discipline. You may or may not have already received financing for your startup.

Can I use the course’s templates to build my startup?

Yes! We encourage you to use and customize our templates to grow your business. Our vetted templates will provide you with a framework so that you can structure and launch your company faster than if you started from scratch.

Who is Andrew Weinreich?

Andrew created sixdegrees, the world’s first social network, and went on to launch 6 Internet startups with 4 exits. He’s been building and advising startups for 2 decades in NYC.

What is the course like?

To get a sense of what the course is like, you can see our event agenda and read what our Roadmap Scholars had to say. You can also check out our March 2015 event and see the full list of Roadmap Scholars.

Do I need to prepare anything before attending the course?

No additional preparation is necessary to attend the event. We’ll provide pens and notepads for note-taking, but you may bring a laptop if you prefer. No business cards are needed — once you’re accepted, we’ll share your contact information with all participants and venture firms in attendance.

Who are the best candidates for Roadmap Scholars?

We’re offering merit-based scholarships to a select group of passionate & innovative entrepreneurs. Our hope is that by giving the best and brightest entrepreneurs access to our course, we will be better preparing them to navigate the challenges of building businesses and contributing to a more vibrant worldwide community of entrepreneurs.

Our ideal applicant demonstrates a game-changing business idea, a strong personal recommendation, bios of a talented team, completion of a minimally viable product or traction on product development, and a strong sense of dedication to learning every aspect of entrepreneurship.

If I’m accepted, what am I responsible for?

If you’re accepted into the Roadmap Scholars program, you’ll receive admission to the Roadmap course, along with all of the program’s perks. The only cost associated with the program is a one-time $35 processing fee that you’ll be expected to pay only if you’re accepted.

We require that Roadmap Scholars pay the processing fee in order to confirm their attendance. Due to our strict timeline, if an applicant fails to pay the fee within 3 days of acceptance, we’ll have to offer their seat to another entrepreneur.

Why apply by the Early Admission deadline?

For our last event, 1 out of 4 Roadmap Scholars were Early applicants and 1 out of 8 were Regular applicants. We encourage all entrepreneurs to apply as early as possible in order to have the best chance of securing a spot.

What are you looking for in recommendations?

We’re seeking recommendations from anyone who is either familiar with you or the startup that you’re building. We’re most impressed by what people have to say about you as an entrepreneur and leader. The recommender can be a leader in your industry or simply someone who knows you well. The recommender must send your recommendation to us no later than the applicable deadline that you’re filing under. Please direct your recommender to submit via this form.

Can my whole team attend if I’m accepted?

Sorry, but due to the intimate size of our events, we only accept the person who originally applied and was accepted as a Roadmap Scholar. Because we want to cultivate diversity in our graduating classes, we only take 1 entrepreneur per startup. If you’d like us to consider multiple members of your team for acceptance, please fill out a single application and make a note about who would like to be considered.

Is there a wait-list?

Yes. If we place you on the wait-list, we will notify you in the weeks prior to the event about whether or not we will have room for you.

What are my options if I’m not accepted?

If you aren’t accepted into the Roadmap Scholars program, we encourage you to reapply at a later date. We will consider the progress that you’ve made since your last application. You can sign up here to receive notifications regarding future event dates.

How can I participate in the Roadmap community?

Join our Roadmap Community Forum and discuss everything from questions about the Roadmap course to issues related to your startup. You can also attend one of Andrew’s events — see our list of upcoming startup events here.

Will you be offering this course in other cities?

Yes! We’re currently working on organizing future Roadmap courses in other destinations. Fill out this form if you’d like us to bring the course to your city.

I still have questions!

No problem. You can tweet at us, post on our Facebook, or send us an email.

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